Our Values

Our services are entirely guided by our values.

They shape the recommendations and advice that we provide to our client families and the way in which they are delivered.

Honesty and Integrity

The creation and maintenance of trust in the truest sense of the word is pivotal to our client relationships. For example we:

  • Avoid any conflicts of interest.
  • Provide absolute transparency regarding our fees.
  • Agree clear deliverables and fulfil our commitments.
  • Say what we believe, even if this means challenging client positions or views.

Knowledge and Competence

Whilst we have many decades of experience in our field we continually seek to improve and are aware of and honest about our own limitations. We:

  • Stay connected to a network of world class professionals providing complimentary services.
  • Actively research new ideas and better methods.
  • Seek out other experts who can improve our knowledge.
  • Continuously evolve through client feedback and self-evaluation.

Discretion, Empathy and Understanding

Relationships are at the core of all that we do. We help our client families optimise their own relationships through building our own. To do this we:

  • Always respect the confidentiality and trust placed in us by all members of a client family and their advisors.
  • Actively seek to understand the position and perspective of all stakeholders.
  • Are sensitive to the feelings of all concerned, particularly when addressing difficult topics.
  • Treat everyone with respect and care about their needs, concerns and well-being.