Wealth & Succession Planning

It is estimated that for families with a net worth in excess of USD5 million, over USD15 trillion of wealth will transition between generations by 2030.

The impact of this Great Global Wealth Transfer, as it is sometimes referred to, will be unlike anything the world has seen before and has been compared to that of global climate change. Despite this, it is also estimated that over 60% of such families consider that they are not adequately prepared for this wealth transition.

Those families that successfully navigate this transition of wealth are likely to adopt an intentional approach. This means that they will have a full understanding of their current position; consider all of the options available to them; and implement structures, policies and governance that support the desired outcomes.

Access to cost effective, experienced and completely independent advice is of enormous benefit in this area.

We assist our client families understand where they are by establishing precisely what is their “do nothing” option. This can then be compared against the desired outcomes to determine what actions are necessary. We explore with them the available options and together with other service providers as required, ensure their effective implementation.