Trustee Selection

Choosing your fiduciary is one of the most critical elements of any fiduciary arrangement.

Such an important decision should not be taken lightly as a wealth structure is only as strong as the fiduciary overseeing it. There are a wide variety of institutions in many jurisdictions to choose from and the task can seem daunting.

With combined experience of over 70 years with a variety of leading professional trustees, MK Consultants are ideally placed to assist any family with this process. Whilst we have developed our own comprehensive set of selection criteria, it is most important to understand what are the qualities considered to be essential by the family themselves. Once these are established, we will then conduct a rigorous evaluation of the many options available. We will work with you to ensure that the right choice is made and that there is a complete understanding of expectations for all parties.

Whomever you choose as trustee, it is important to re-evaluate your choice every few years. The person who is right today may not be right tomorrow.