Trustee Relations

Establishing and maintaining good relations with your fiduciary service providers are an essential element of an effective structure.

All too often however these relationships are considered to be unsatisfactory from the “client’s” perspective where the “client” may be any one or more of the settlor, beneficiaries or protectors. This can be for any number of reasons including miscommunication, misunderstanding or simply poor service.

Many beneficiaries of trusts believe that there is insufficient scope, other than through the courts, to hold trustees to account. They may have an inkling that something is wrong but do not wish to incur what may be significant (or perhaps unwarranted) costs to check and subsequently, if appropriate, pursue. In such situations it can be difficult to know where to turn.

With many decades of experience as senior executives of leading professional trustees between them, the principals of MK Consultants are able to provide you with completely independent cost-effective advice with regard to the issues at hand and suggest possible ways forward.